Height: 5'5

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Theatrical Productions


Kill THE DEBBIE DOWNERS! KILL THEM! KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL! - Masha - dir: Mark Jackson & Beth Wilmurt

Iron Shoes - Pig King, ensemble - dir: Erika Chong Shuch

Brownsville Song - Merrell - dir: Margo Hall

Nora (A Doll's House) - Mrs. Linde - dir: Beth Wilmurt

The Forest War - Gaut/Kurogo - dir: Mark Jackson

Central Works

Hearts of Palm - Brittany - dir: Gary Graves

Killing My Lobster

The Lobster Before Christmas - various roles - Molly Benson

The Magic Theater

The Lily's Revenge - Mary Love #1 - dir: Erika Chong Shuch


Baby, It’s a Zombie Apocalypse Outside - Betty - dir: Norman Gee

1 Minute Play Festival

1 minute plays - various roles - dir: Tracy Ward

Staged Readings

Playwrights Foundation

Third Eye Moonwalk - You & Your Words - dir: Jon Bernson

Crowded Fire

A Tale of Autumn - Council Gen, Kah - dir: Mina Morita

Contra Costa Civic Theater

Brownsville Song - Merrell - dir: Marilyn Langbehn

6 New Plays / Eugenie Chan

Madame Ho - Crow - Jessica Heidt

Word for Word

Reeling for the Empire - Kitsune (lead) - JoAnne Winter

Devised Theater and Dance Theater


In Event of Moon Disaster - Echo - dir: Natalie Greene

This is All I Need - various roles - dir: Jonathan Spector & Liz Lisle

detour dance

Fugue - Frank - dir: Eric Garcia (text by Brian Thorstenson)

Filaments - various roles - dir: Eric Garcia and Kat Cole

Stephen Pelton Dance Theater

Tuesday (by Brian Thorstenson) - Erin - dir: Stephen Pelton

13th Floor

Being Raymond Chandler - Cissy Chandler -13th Floor - dir: Jenny McAllister

A Wake - Siene - dir: Jenny McAllister


Girl in Golden Gate Park - “Joni” - dir: J.P. Allen (currently in production)

Freeland - “Lawyer” - dir: Kate McLean


Studio A.C.t

Acting & Scene Study - Patrick Russell, Cheryl Gaysunas, Mark Rafael, Laura Wayth, Lauren English

Shakespeare in Action - Mark Jackson

The Actors space

Acting & Scene Study - Lauren English

Shakespeare & Company

Playing Shakespeare: voice, text, clown - Dave Demke & Jane Nichols


Improv - Chris Blair

Special Skills

  • devising - I can make something out of anything!

  • dance - I have extensive modern dance training and can quickly pick up most styles

  • viola

  • guitar (intermediate)

  • ukelele (very basic)

  • singing (low alto/tenor range) - I have a solid voice for folk styles and am good at learning harmony parts